Peter Atkinson is a dad, but long before that I was a child, born in Ottawa, Canada in 1961.

After the usual schooling and some unremarkable jobs, I began a career in the hotel industry, where my first job was setting up tables and chairs in the meeting rooms of the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa. I eventually worked my way to the hotel front desk, where I was the worst cashier in the hotel's long and distinguished history. But I persevered and ended up working in several countries, holding senior positions with major hotel groups and a consulting firm.

My son Scott was born in 1992. Shortly thereafter the family moved to California where, after a divorce, the seeds of Wow Dad! were sown out of my own insecurities as a new father and wanting to be a big part of Scotts life.

Scott and I returned to Canada in 1998 where Wow Dad! was originally published as a trade paperback. Now back in Ontario, I'm very happily remarried. Long involved in the business end of the Internet, I see the boom in e-books as a perfect platform to spread the message and the benefits of the Wow Dad! books.

Scott is a young man now and has grown beyond the ideas in these books. But we can still have a laugh as we share the moments and memories that we created together.

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